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"In the fall of 2015, I saw Bernie Sanders for the first time at a town hall meeting and found myself moved by his integrity and consistency. He ignited something in me; he has inspired me to stand up for what I believe in and to be the change that I want to see in the world. The wealthy and powerful don't want us to discuss politics because when we are complacent, it benefits them, not us. I've toured all over the country the past six years and I'm in this fight because I have to be. I don't want to wonder what more I could've done. That's why I founded M4B.


As a self-employed musician, Bernie’s fight for Medicare For All is deeply important to me. Many of my friends have no health insurance or have extremely high copays from their coverage. Being on Medicaid has given me dental and eye coverage for the first time in my life. Everyone should have access to these services, and I’m passionate about joining the fight to make these services available."

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